#Thoughts Circumstances

“Today and every day you will be tempted to let your circumstances define you”

Today. Just for today let’s ask ourselves this, how do my circumstances define me? How does the way we think about our circumstances effect the way we live, and move about in our daily life? Simple questions deserve simple answers, right? Well that’s easier said than done, but let’s give it a shot!

Shall we…?

“We cannot choose our external circumstances,
but we can always choose how to respond to them.”
– Epictetus

Ever had an idea or goal, something that you could see yourself doing now, tomorrow, or even the next day? Maybe it was something as simple as waking up at 7am just to get in a 10-15-minute workout before work. It could have been to start eating heathier so you could hit that specific weight you’ve been trying to hit for years now, and for some odd reason just wasn’t able to. Maybe your main goal was to end an addiction? Whatever it may be, have you really ever sat down with your thoughts, and asked, “what’s that really annoying thing in my head that’s hindering my progress?” “What’s stopping me from moving forward and just doing it?” Looking for the answer?

It’s your…

Inner Critic!!

The Inner Critic is something like a virus that’s programmed in your head. A serious virus, and a real one! It’s been there since you first came out of the womb. Since you gave your first breath here on this beautiful Earth. Your inner critic has been destroying your life from the get go. And its sneaky, very sneaky, yet at the same time right in front of your face. Jeez, I got chill bumps just typing that haha. But lets get back on topic..

 So. How “innocent” is this pandemic?

“Well, I can’t because of…”

“I would try this, but…”

“Today was the day I was going to change this, but didn’t because of…”

“I have an opportunity at this new job, but…”

Sounds familiar? It’s when you start to try something new that your inner critic is the strongest. It’s that little voice in your head that’s saying you can’t do it. It’s saying..“I’m never going to make it out of here what was I thinking?”  “I have 4 kids how could I possibly afford a stable lifestyle?” “How can I achieve my goals if I don’t have the recourses to do so?” “My situation tells me that i have to stay where I am, because there is nothing else out there for me other than working a 9-5 and struggling to make ends meet.”

I’m here to tell you that none of these self-limiting beliefs are true. All things are possible, you can and will do anything that you put your mind to. In order to progress and move forward in life, you have to defeat this way of thinking. It starts with believing in and working on your inner self. It all starts with you. If you believe your circumstances hold you back it will.

“If you let your circumstances define you, they’ll defeat you” -unknown

Can you name one legend, that was held back by their circumstances? I’ll wait… Nope, because there aren’t any. Change your mindset, work on yourself (your inner self), and you will change your life. Tell yourself this: “My circumstances don’t make me, I make IT!” That no matter how hard of a curve ball life throws at you, you will always find a way to overcome it and hit a home run. 

So think…


What is it you want to change today? What is that one thing you have been itching to change, and what’s that one critical mistake your making that is keeping you from making that change? See it, address it, Change!

Were all in this together. Find your Inner Peace. Have faith

Blessings ❤ – King

Author: Henry Riley

KingLeeVibes is all about things in life that make us human and helps us with the process of realization. That we are spiritual beings having a human experience, not the other way around. Everything that you need to be able to help your self mentally and physically you will find it here. lets inspire and grow together #vibes and blessings <3 Explaining the name: Kings- We are all Kings and Queens of our own inner world. Meaning, we are the head. Our higher selves are just waiting to be released into the world and assist us in becoming the best version of ourselves. we are all creative beings and we have gotten away from that over the many years of social conditioning. now is the time to take back our inheritance from our ancestors and shine it upon the world. The world will know us. Lee: is my middle name and its Celtic meaning is “Healer” in Latin it means lion and in Irish it means poetic. I do feel all 3 of these meanings form the foundation of my inner self. I am loving and emphatic as a healer, full of strength and courage as a loin and have a very poetic mind. its so bad that sometimes i have to actually try not to wright in rhymes lol. Vibes: Meaning vibrations, How We feel and how We choose to feel about life. the energy you give off and show to the world everyday, even you don’t realize it. I am here to help you do just that. There can be good vibes and bad vibes we discus them both on this blog. How to keep them up when you feel that energy vampires are sucking you dry. And how to stay consistent at repelling negative energy’s. We’re here to help each other, so I am very excited to work on this with you all! Also it doesn’t just stop there. This Blog will talk about Healing yourself inside and out using herbs crystals foods etc.., there will be poetry for my poem lovers out there, book reviews for the people that love to read and discus, wisdom and quotes from myself and others also spiritualism and social issues. If there is ever anything you guys would like me to add don’t be afraid to let me know! P.S by no means am i perfect, i am definitely still a work in progress so lets grow and build together have faith in each other to accomplish our goals and miracles can happen I truly believe that. Thanks for reading!!

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