What do you make of it?🌍

What do you make of it?

The world I mean?

Look around you. Capture everything you see. No matter where you are, land or sea.  Feel the scene. No matter the part or the area, just look and see. 

Take a minute from what you’re doing, and be in the present. Stay there as long as you can. Even if it’s just for a moment.

What do you see?       

I see the vivid Green Pines in the morning cool breeze.

I see a ton of cars on this busy street. 

I see the clouds moving on abroad. 

I see the hawks flying at the top.

This is what I see.

What do you make of it?

To me, it’s the setting of my manifestation. The pines in the sky are complacent, standing tall with oneness while sharing it’s inspiration and greatness. There for, if I believe I can make it I will make it.

The cars moving along tells me about this ever so busy nation. No one wants to be still long enough to figure out how to make it. But that’s adjacent. 

The madness that’s in all of our faces. The clouds are moving place to place, but slow and steady wins the race. 

So every day I’m investing myself to make it to the top. Like a hawk, my insights are more advanced sending peace and courage so I can make it over any hurdle. 

I now see my purpose that came from the thunder cloud that reflected myself to me 

I asked what my purpose was. The response, to grow and stay focused, protect your mind and decode it, then load it and at the right time unload it. #Behold It🙌



What do you see? 

What do you make of it?

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