I Wonder/lost soul

I began to Wonder… Proceed

Through all the trials and tribulations I began to Fumble my words and stumble along the path that I had chosen.. really?  I just have to ask.

What was that “path” that has been laid before me? I begin to wonder..have I really strayed this for down the gutter?

 I wonder, what of it? 

The clouds in my head began to rumble with thunder the anguish I feel could not be expressed to another!

What was it.. ?

The darkness lingered.. the unknown of this pain could not be pinpointed…Until now. See, I never had a father to show me the way of a man like the one I’ve become today.
I was so lost in my ways, from treating my relationships like games to letting chemicals influence my brain..

Oh the pain..😫

The path of Destruction was guaranteed that’s if I chose to proceed.. and I did not.

So One day I got on my knees and closed my eyes with this THOUGHT. I asked a simple question..what was to come out of this drought?

The Answer..

The purpose to succeed through pain and govern my inner most wonders. “Through myself I grew up with this knowledge I knew, in that which I was called here to do”


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