Recently I been following my own path to greatness realizing the god in me can do it without Satan.

forsaking my past to move forward and make it to success embrace it  the pain in my heart overcame it to tame it.

ignorance a bliss and I blame it  or maybe I blame myself for listening to the fakeness while my mind was stuck in these cages.

just waiting to be set free from this slavery the god in the making can save me choice after choice  and the designs that made me.

its crazy the sh*t ive been through gave me courage  and bravery cant tame me I’m beast off the leash  from the east and I claim it save it the way that I talk is proper and slang sh*t.

Emergin determine, out of the ashes I’m burning like a phoenix rebirth I’m insurgen and learning Make peace with yourself, respect is a privilege so earn it

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