no matter the cost

so I sit back in my thoughts realizing my pain comes from my own faults I’m lost, but once I see my path ill shoot for it no matter the cost.

I graduated but didn’t walk the stage so I don’t have a hat to toss, I don’t really keep friends because most are looking for the next person to cross.

they say that they’re dripping sauce, but my Knowledge drip like a boss, in my mind I’m a king so I don’t look to take a loss.

All this money you claim, why don’t you invest in some thought, I walk the talk so why don’t you do the same or get lost? my personality is multiple that’s why this crap is so harsh.

everyday I wake up to figure out my plans, go to work, come home grab my pen and look I’m at it again.

no chillin for me cause my times of the essences, but bless this piece that I wrote  and let it teach you a lesson.

The time of investing  in your self is now, and after you  made it, look around, and ask yourself..”How do I feel now”?


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