​Out of the ashes I rise to your surprise I had you fooled with this master of disguise

But even when you open your eyes to those lies time fly’s and it doesnt get any easier to rid your self of the deceit .

in my mind its screaming defeat but how can I stop if I hadn’t even reached my peak..

so I’m confused still to this day on what to do. The knowledge I aquried made it harder to defuse the truth..for the right says follow with blind faith and the left says just do what you do

So what would you choose? A full life on earth ? A rebirth to surge forth without any remourse ? 

Of course! for if I burn maybe again I will rise but at this point my concern is for my family to live a comfortable life. My thoughts are my guides my Angel’s could be demons for if I am deceived my family will keep on livin

Amen  –king

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