The Ego..

What is the Ego?

The ego is an identity that we create on our own of our self in which is false. If we can take everything that make us who we are, from personalities, talents and abilities then we have the making of the Ego. These talents, abilities and aspects of our personality will be attributes of our skills, but  the mental  construct of our-self is artificial. And is an active part of our personalities playing a huge role in creating  emotional drama in our lives.

Identifying the Ego

When we have thoughts about our self that we agree with, we construct a self-image on how one perceives his/hers own personal identity. Ego-identifying thoughts are but not limited to:

  1. I am insecure
  2. I am dumb, stupid, ugly etc..
  3. I am on my own, no one will ever like me
  4. I am better then you
  5. I am smarter then you will every be
  6. “I am only cute when I am Prego”- (says my wife) lol

As you can see these are both negative and positive  thoughts  of our self where the ego can manifest. Pay attention to the “I and Me”  when trying to identify  the ego because these are thoughts and statements about our Identity and how we feel about ourselves.

When we have these kind of thoughts  and agree with even the smallest conviction that these  thoughts  and ideas  define us then we are giving the power to the ego . More often times then not we experience these kind of thoughts as children. It could of been in school and someone teased us and talked down to us because it was something about ourselves others didn’t approve of, or when we were overly praised and have a belief that were better then someone else because of it. It doesn’t matter where your from  in every culture  developing  a self image is a normal part of life-society. problems come when these thoughts about  our image  become negative, inaccurate or overly positive.

Having feelings of insecurity and arrogance are 2 sides of the same coin when it comes to the ego and how to identify it because it can get real tricky and confusing at times. But by becoming  aware of self limiting beliefs we are better equip in hushing the ego once and for all. It is possible to have some positive self-esteem and some negative self-esteem – we are aware of these different beliefs at different times. Your positive thoughts form your positive self esteem  and your negative thoughts form your negative self esteem both together form the ego.When the ego controls the self-reflection process you have no chance of seeing the root cause of your emotional dramas, as the ego reaffirms itself and hides in the self-criticism and self blaming. Keeping a good head on your shoulders and not thinking your better then others or less then others and seeing that were all equal will go along way in fighting the ego. Thus helping you view yourself in a better light! Control the ego, and control your life. I promise (;





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