Suffer for heaven or be free for hell..

​This is a call for help. it’s either follow what i know is a lie or follow what I know is true. One is calling me to do things the other forbids and it’s hard to go against something that has this much of a pull on me..#Spritualwarfare

That forbidden fruit is knowledge..i feel like I know to much and it’s messing with my walk in Christ..But what If I die believeing in Jesus and then I risk not being reincarnated for 1000 years because I chose to suffer in an age of prosperity and growth. Instead of being Free. I’d have to continue to suffer and follow that faith blindly..if I want a place in God’s kingdom Or choose to believe the lie and burn in hell for all eternity for wanting to experience a good life of love, joy and happiness from being here on earth..To be free on earth will mean an eternity waits for you in hell..And he who suffers here on earth shall find peace and freedom in heaven. Keep in mind there’s only one perfect man.🌞

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