Bars to the future..

Relinquish this pain with that flame all smoke to my brain

lost is my name contemplating the sanity  of what remains

took a long walk to figure out what I can, I’m off course cause its driving me insane

my plan is to make it to the top of this plain

one name, king lee in the game working for change burning propane power to the flower lets raise

the bar to the stars and not gaze

looking afar in a daze, relentless pursuit in my fame

more like a lion can not in anyway be tamed

ahh, see its coming back to me seems now I can write and talk more freely

at one time it was hard but I do this so easily

embracing me the new me that your hearing

the tearing has ended and my pursuit there’s no ending

but that chapter has, so its time for a new beginning

and the only thing I can think about now is winning ❤   -King

*image found on google

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