Time out..

Time out.. Mystical Physical I’m heading to the top that’s my pinnical

Time out.. Everything I do is subliminal man I’m bout to manifest a mirical

Time out. Don’t worry about my thoughts they’re retainable , so forget trying to be, attainable

Time out, I see life from a different view, I move to take action while the wicked one fools you.

Time out, now tell me what there is to do? Maybe come together as a mindful group. They talk about the sickness but they gave the flu , maybe even. Ebola to!

Time out, you say you want the planet green but your poisoning it with your industry’s

Time out, excuse me for a minute cause I’m venting and tired of being a victim when we can stand up to this BS of a system

This isn’t a democracy, it’s a constitutional republic our rights are there for a reason and I’ll be darned if you touched them.

Time out..

The talk of building a wall, is driving me insane. So really sit back and think for a min… With all this talk of order out of chaos is it to keep certain humans out..Or certain ones IN? who knows. I’m just looking for the truth my friend.. -King

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