Keep the peace ❤🌞 (Subliminal) 

​Every time that I come around, I hear the heart beat with every sound. I tell you all you can keep the frauds I think they shook because I’m a God..

Keep the peace, don’t wrestle yourself
Im only here, to preach to thy self

Myself and no one else,

took the shackles off i prayed for some help

I had to deal with the cards I was delt

Took my loss and it was heart felt

Couldn’t think of nothing else

either way that it go I will never fold

Let my soul flow now I’m thinking bout the world bro..

And if I choose it, aye god yo god what am I doing?

Looking kinda foolish

Maybe kinda of clueless

I guess that lets you know I am human

I Made my mistakes, but stay improving

Learning every day how to make a way to feed my family

So we don’t have to kick rocks

I’m thinking about the hills headed over top,

I gotta keep my mind there’s no other op,

I do what I wanna do so you can keep the props,

And I’m harvesting these bars like I’m picking crops,

Short shot to the top. Mind frame hard knocks

Off top hit the block, its my time keep the clock

Looking shocked lay the glock down

Cause it don’t make you a man any how

Understand the way of a man, is one Who can begin, to see the lies and deceit In the streets, Then take it upon himself to think only about reaching his peak

And leaving the sleep for the weak,

I study like i am a geek, just to be able to preach, to these people about


Who dominates you cause your asleep,

Hold on, I’m dragon with this heat,

Can’t exstengish me

Maybe censure me but you can’t rid of me, Tell me who it be, talking in your head And I promise you it won’t be what the holy said.

 Amen #blessings 🌞

Image Credit..Google

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