#Think Youth/Adults

#Think For a Minute

See, I’m only 22, so I guess that means, I’m not that much older then you! Do you, have the slightest clue, of where your actions are leading you to? You don’t know it now, because you’re distracted, everything is fabricated the media is related, To all the problems that your facing, your only 15.. And your at the mall on video, twerking and shaking? Goodness gracious, shouldN’t you be worried about school? Keeping your grades up, instead of trying to impress these older fools? You guys, no older then 17, out here banging, Throwing up flags and slanging, but you wonder, why people are out here race shaming? with no respect, for the younger generation? Your brothers your sisters, Tell me, is this the life you want them to see you live? Where this will lead you, is not over the hills, you’ll be out on the streets begging for Bills! It kills, me to see my peers going backwards And it starts at home..how is the parenting, if your 13 year old is out here trying to be grown? No one cares how their kids are dressing, Impressing, the people that should be teaching them lessons, I have 2 little girls and I be damn if I let them become influence by the wretches of this nation.. but who cares enough to help change it? I see adults that are okay with their sons and daughters staying on a path of destruction, The type of parents that believe it’s okay to let their 5 year old child curse em, Out, And can only say, “go to time out!” I got a whipping one time! And it straightin me out! I believe, in getting them right while they’re young, Their idea of fun would leave them a minimal of 21, And I don’t know about you, But I couldn’t take seeing my children on the other side of that glass. Parents you are the teachers, show these kids some class. Stop letting the media teach your loved ones..their being to fast Children, learn to respect your elders, even if you feel they are wrong.. I’m sure you dont want to end up somewhere you dont belong. You should want to do better then the next person and thats ok! but remember to help each other along the way.. Were all humans, so don’t leave your fellows astray. That will be the day..that all of your freedoms will go away.. Be kind, show compassion to one another..and most of all, Keep.The.Peace #King🌞

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