What if it was you? #Homeless

What if it was you?

What if it was you, At the park just trying to find a place to sleep? Wandering around searching for food, all you hear in the background is.. “look at that creep!” and all your trying to do is find something to eat, Maybe this was the first meal you had that week, Because restaurants forbid their workers to feed you, Now what do you do? Easy. What you have to. In the trashcan searching for clues, of scraps, just so you can have something on that tummy to take a nap. What if it was you that had only one pair of clothes? Shirt full of holes and pants bout decomposed?

Wouldn’t you think.. how slack?, at the fact, that people are walking by And can’t loan you the shirt off their back? Why is it so hard for others to show just a little more kindness, And compassion to our fellow man? How hard is it.. To see someone struggling and lend them a helping hand? What if it was you just looking for a conversation, even small talk and people won’t give you the time of day, because in their minds, your crazy and worthless, Without any purpose for being here, so why are you? your answer to them is..”the Only thing i can afford to do now is live..and right now I can hardly do that”

What if it was you..wouldnt you want someone to help you to? Could you take it everyday with someone treating you so cruel, and every other expression you get turns out to be rude? Wouldn’t you feel like it sucks to be you?.. Random acts of kindness go along way.. Just because a store says don’t do it, doesnt mean you can’t find your own way.. Even smiling at Someone who’s had a rough day, Could take their misery away.. Learn to be selfless and not selfish..this nation has it backwords.. We scream peace and love..but no one is showing it.. When we need it the most, maybe if you was in their shoes, You could see how hard it is to fill it. Maybe one day my fellow man will get it, Right, and when they do this nation will take flight..

Being rude is easy!, showing no empathy is easy!, being selfish is easy! Throwing shade is easy! Being hateful.. is easy, So why don’t we challenge each other to be Kind, to show love all the time. To show empathy with someone who needs it. To be selfless and kick this selfish habit..barriers fall and what happens is like magic! Watch how your life change for the better and others around you. From now on..try to think.. What if that was you..do you really believe you could fill those shoes? #King Blessings🌞 #BeKind

Image link *https://i.ytimg.com/vi/PJpr7L7N2Ho/maxresdefault.jpg

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