2017 Eclipse list🌞🌞

List for 2017 Eclipse season πŸŒ‘

Hi everyone! Have you made your list before the 2017 eclipse on the 21st of August? If not now is the time and needs to be done before at least the 7th of August. If you want things to change for you under the influence of the Eclipse now is the time to do so! Make a list of things that are going well for you. That has made your higher self feel good lately. And keep up with that even had some things to the list that you feel would be of benefit to you. And also list the things you want to change and weed out of your life even if its just for a short period of time! I can’t wait to see what most of you can come up with! Have fun! #Blessings πŸŒžπŸŒžπŸ™

🌞 What has made my higher self feel good that I need to keep up..🌞

Knowlege, learning new things has helped me move along my path,

Being around like minded people,

Going to the gym trying to be more fit and healthy,

Helping others with their issues, giving advice,

Giving and sharing love, also receiving it,

Writing, my blog has been very inspiring to me,

Eating more healthy, Meditation, Being honest,

Being humble, Integrity,

Shooting for my goals of being a writer/blogger,

My family life,

Things I need to change and weed out of my life..πŸ˜”


Unhealthy relationships,

Negative influences,


Negative thoughts





Being judgmental,

Now for you. ready..set..GO!!🌞🌞😊

Imagae credit https://starvalleyquilttrail.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/eclipse-01.jpg

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