This is Why..#Respect part 1 of 2

This is why..#Respect part 1 of 2.

This may upset some people, it may not. But what can change if no one talks about it ?

Ive been married for 2 years, I ended up getting married at 20 years old, before that, I’ve been in and out of relationships. And a lot of my relationships ended because I wasn’t to faithful to the person I was with.The ladies we see out on the streets, in the mall, at a park, even at Wal-Mart and how they normally choose to dress.

Its so revealing and so tempting, We men see this everyday its like were being tested in every way, and its very hard to turn our eyes away. We could have the most beautiful Woman in the world. Yet our minds would lead us a stray when someone like this comes our way.

We are told not to look, but thats not something we need to be told, that’s something we already know, or at least should..but its hard isn’t it? We are expected to stay loyal and faithful but it seems each year That go by the clothes get skimpyer and skimpyer. so it feels as though its almost a trap..where is the respect? I’m not one to tell someone how they should dress, and I do believe to each their own. But it seems like everything is becoming sexualized.

Its a mess. females are more worried about showing skin and we men turn into dogs the lust, has snatched us up and the choices we then make become wrong. But is it really our fault? I understand that some girls model and that’s okay.

I understand some girls are strippers and that’s okay. Make your money. But in public I see these same things and the young girls around think its okay to dress this way. What happen to being classy? Your bodies should be a treasure, not something that every man out in the world should see.

I see married couples and the woman are out showing cheeks..breast damn near out of their shirts, my wife was the same because she thought its what I wanted, because the girls I messed around with dressed like the above. Sometimes worst. I felt bad. But it wasn’t just seen by me.

It was seen by everyone else when we went out into the world. Women like this look for approval of the external, instead of approval of the internal. But wonder why the guys they get with has no respect for them..because deep down you dont respect yourself..a mind is so much more beautiful on a woman then her looks.

Instead of worrying about showing your body off to every person who doesn’t deserve to see it and some times don’t want to see. Focus on building yourself up. My brothers, start telling our woman how beautiful they are on a daily basis and they won’t dress to seek attention from others, this also start with our little girls.

Let them know that this isn’t okay..let them know to respect their bodies and themselves if the are to be respected for more then just how they look. The media says show of your body and your sexy, I say. Look like the below and your beautuful, you have confidence, you have power, you deserve respect, and your not a piece of meat. Love yourself ladies, and Men control yourselves. But also let these ladies know this isn’t what we want. What we want is a lady to respect herself. Nothing more nothing less. Stay strong 💪

Thoughts of a Man, Blessings🌞

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