🤯Human beings vs. Human becoming🤯

Human beings vs. Human becomings

✨Think about it, nowadays you hear a certain powerful phrase everywhere, no matter where you go. The secret has been there in front of you this whole time. What is that saying again? oh right!  “the best way to hide something is in plain sight” Mmm..how about that one? 🤔Social media, Tv networks, Movies, books etc. A lot of leaders around the world have touched on this subject and has for thousands of years. Knowledge, that could change the world, and the way we view ourselves in it. It’s so simple that it is hard to believe this as fact. But yet more and more scientific proof is coming to surface to show that these ancient teachings were right all along. How exciting is that? 🤗


So.. what is this wonderful life-changing knowledge that’s been making waves around the modern world?

“We become who we are on the inside”✨As above so below, as within so without ✨

Something so simple and far overlooked has the power to help you win at any stage of your life, but it comes with another part to it. To become who you are, you must think that you are what you seek. And thinking is not enough. We must change our wordplay and the way we speak about things and ones-self.

Words are extremely powerful and can shape your life in ways you’d never thought possible. So then, what is the difference between claiming to be a human being and claiming to be a human becoming?🧐

(Well, besides the fact that the further sounds a little more out there 😂 But it’s okay just stick with me..it’s going to get good!)

If we know that words shape our reality and I am to call myself a “human-being” as I have all my life up until this point, then how could I expect to “become” anything other then what I already am? 🤯

So in a way, calling ourselves human-beings, Be-meaning to exist, then that is all we are ever doing. “Existing”. Therefore we are basically calling ourselves human-existing’s. ( ✋ I know, not a word lol but focus.)

For something to “be” as is, this must mean you will exist only to “be” as you are and nothing further. To just-“be” is the prayer you are sending out into the universe. And that’s what you will reflect in your life each day. 🤭

We live to grow. We live to change. We live to love. Therefore we must “become” what we seek to experience a more abundant life.

Calling yourself a human-becoming instead of a human-being suggest to the universe that you are seeking to become, instead of seeking to just exist.

Making this shift in your life could have huge benefits in your way of thinking and how you go about life on the daily. It changes the way you see yourself and helps bring the things in life that you truly want. It helps get rid of stagnation, which in this day and age is pandemic.

You seek to become, that which you already are. You don’t want to “be” anything, but we desire to “become” something. Once this is taken advantage of, a whole world of opportunities will come just to help you reach what you are seeking.

Have you ever heard this famous phrase by Prince Hamlet? “to be, or not to be, that is the question..”

And the answer to that question is, not to be anything, but to become all that you already are.😏

🌞BlessedBe ✨

Author: Henry Riley

KingLeeVibes is all about things in life that make us human and helps us with the process of realization. That we are spiritual beings having a human experience, not the other way around. Everything that you need to be able to help your self mentally and physically you will find it here. lets inspire and grow together #vibes and blessings <3 Explaining the name: Kings- We are all Kings and Queens of our own inner world. Meaning, we are the head. Our higher selves are just waiting to be released into the world and assist us in becoming the best version of ourselves. we are all creative beings and we have gotten away from that over the many years of social conditioning. now is the time to take back our inheritance from our ancestors and shine it upon the world. The world will know us. Lee: is my middle name and its Celtic meaning is “Healer” in Latin it means lion and in Irish it means poetic. I do feel all 3 of these meanings form the foundation of my inner self. I am loving and emphatic as a healer, full of strength and courage as a loin and have a very poetic mind. its so bad that sometimes i have to actually try not to wright in rhymes lol. Vibes: Meaning vibrations, How We feel and how We choose to feel about life. the energy you give off and show to the world everyday, even you don’t realize it. I am here to help you do just that. There can be good vibes and bad vibes we discus them both on this blog. How to keep them up when you feel that energy vampires are sucking you dry. And how to stay consistent at repelling negative energy’s. We’re here to help each other, so I am very excited to work on this with you all! Also it doesn’t just stop there. This Blog will talk about Healing yourself inside and out using herbs crystals foods etc.., there will be poetry for my poem lovers out there, book reviews for the people that love to read and discus, wisdom and quotes from myself and others also spiritualism and social issues. If there is ever anything you guys would like me to add don’t be afraid to let me know! P.S by no means am i perfect, i am definitely still a work in progress so lets grow and build together have faith in each other to accomplish our goals and miracles can happen I truly believe that. Thanks for reading!!

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