What do you see? #Compassion

What do you see? #Compassion
First I must ask..does it kill to be kind? Do you feel that you need to receive something back for doing a good deed? Continue reading “What do you see? #Compassion”

What if it was you? #Homeless

What if it was you?

What if it was you, At the park just trying to find a place to sleep? Wandering around searching for food, all you hear in the background is.. “look at that creep!” and all your trying to do is find something to eat, Maybe this was the first meal you had that week Because restaurants forbid their workers to feed you, Now what do you do? Easy. What you have to. In the trashcan searching for scraps just so you can have something on that tummy to take a nap. What if it was you that had only one pair of clothes? Shirt full of holes and pants about decomposed? Continue reading “What if it was you? #Homeless”

#Think Youth/Adults

#Think For a Minute

See, I’m only 22, so I guess that means, I’m not that much older than you! Do you, have the slightest clue, of where your actions are leading you to? You don’t know it now because you’re distracted, everything is fabricated the media is related, To all the problems that your facing, your only 15.. And you are at the mall on video, twerking and shaking? Goodness gracious, Continue reading “#Think Youth/Adults”

Kings faith speech 2017

I have faith that one day this world would rid itself of hate and finally realize peace that even though they look down on us, we can make it any way that we please. Mr. King fought for our freedom to let freedom ring and did so peacefully, and it hurts to see how much we’ve fallen from that path as I turn on the TV.

See my friends Continue reading “Kings faith speech 2017”