A Day That changed My Life🌞

December 1st, 2017 was the day that changed my life. I was at work walking around the mall doing my rounds and I stepped behind a building to have a cigarette(Not healthy, if you haven’t started smoking then keep up the good job that you are doing👍🏾) and I pulled out my phone and pulled up youtube. Continue reading “A Day That changed My Life🌞”

The Bible and Manifestation Theory 🤔

🌙Disclosure: This could offend a lot of people, It could also change your beliefs or make them stronger but this topic is up for discussion and I encourage you to read on and share your thoughts with me on The Bible and Manifestations. Keep in mind as you read that this is just a theory of mine. I will never denounce the bible I will never say the scriptures and the word is wrong. As I do believe there is a higher power guiding us all and as always, to each their own.🌙 Continue reading “The Bible and Manifestation Theory 🤔”

🌎Why Judge?🌎 #Acceptance🙏🏾


🌕”Who are you to judge the life that I live? I know am not perfect and I don’t live to be but before you start pointing fingers make sure your hands are clean”🌕 -Bob Marley

As I am going through my thoughts-I began to think about how lonely this world can really be🤔.

Continue reading “🌎Why Judge?🌎 #Acceptance🙏🏾”

Family is Forever 🌞

Our Father says a Man and his Wife is of one mind and body, that no one or thing comes before her beside him. That means if you’re Married you knew what you signed up for. And there is no going back. Unless the wife has committed adultery, there is no reason for the husband to leave. Continue reading “Family is Forever 🌞”