Life Path Number 1🌞

Mission in life 🙏🏾

Life path number 1 has the ability to take care of themselves and seek to develop their individual qualities. they have a huge need to motivate and inspire others and take the lead in anything that they do. Because of their contagious enthusiasm and persuasion, they can encourage people to work with just their presence alone. you seek to teach others that nothing is impossible. They can achieve anything they put their mind to. Continue reading “Life Path Number 1🌞”

The Ego..

What is the Ego?

The ego is an identity that we create on our own of our self in which is false. If we can take everything that makes us who we are, from personalities, talents, and abilities then we have the making of the Ego. These talents, abilities, and aspects of our personality will be attributes of our skills, but the mental construct of our-self is artificial. And is an active part of our personalities playing a huge role in creating emotional drama in our lives. Continue reading “The Ego..”


As I sit in front of this fire I think about what I desire. Could it be the freedoms of People or my mind from these Liars? The fortune and fame or for my soul to rise higher?

I’m conflicted because maybe I see the road to riches in this business. But cannot resist the temptation to witness the truth before “He” enters.
I have to know.. Because apparently if you’re enlighted then you’re going the wrong way I suppose…So what do I propose? Satisfying the flesh isnt the way to go. But what do I know… To be yourself and to learn as you go. But that’s it..

Be yourself” being myself is considered a bad thing because I’m doing what satisfies me instead of our father. How ironic..

What I desire is peace and love.     Why shall i perish for wanting the best for the world?

Why can’t we have an actual chance to make a positive change for once and still call on your name?.. They say.. “the road to complete control is to rid the world of sadness” ….I’m guessing the only way that happens is through magic… And it’s realler than you could of ever imagine.. be Blessed