✨As above so below, as within so without ✨

As above so below, as within so without.

✨Have you ever wondered why certain things in life seem to work out for others more often, and for some, it seems like they can never win or even catch a break? No matter how hard they’ve worked for it, life still gives them the short end of the stick. Is this person you?🤔 Continue reading “✨As above so below, as within so without ✨”

Keep the peace ❤🌞 (Subliminal) 

Every time that I come around, I hear the heartbeat with every sound. I tell you all you can keep the frauds I think they shook because I’m a God…

Keep the peace, don’t wrestle yourself
I’m only here, to preach to thy self

Myself and no one else,

I took the shackles off, I prayed for some help

I had to deal with the cards I was dealt

Took my loss and it was heartfelt Continue reading “Keep the peace ❤🌞 (Subliminal) “

I Wonder/lost soul

I began to Wonder… Proceed

Through all the trials and tribulations I began to Fumble my words and stumble along the path that I had chosen.. really?  I just have to ask.

What was that “path” that has been laid before me? I begin to wonder..have I really strayed this far down the gutter? Continue reading “I Wonder/lost soul”