$ 4 ways to invite more money into your life $

“If you are walking around and happen to see a penny, don’t look past it. Be as excited about receiving that penny as you would  a hundred dollar bill”

Why? Because its all the same energy and the universe only reads scarcity and abundance. So if you walk past that penny especially after praying for help with your finances you’re sending out the energy of scarcity.

Basically letting the universe know that you don’t have what you want because of your low vibrate state. Letting the universe know that you don’t need the money you were asking for because you were just tested by that penny. Continue reading “$ 4 ways to invite more money into your life $”

The Bible and Manifestation Theory 🤔

🌙Disclosure: This could offend a lot of people, It could also change your beliefs or make them stronger but this topic is up for discussion and I encourage you to read on and share your thoughts with me on The Bible and Manifestations. Keep in mind as you read that this is just a theory of mine. I will never denounce the bible I will never say the scriptures and the word is wrong. As I do believe there is a higher power guiding us all and as always, to each their own.🌙 Continue reading “The Bible and Manifestation Theory 🤔”

Vibe 🔥

Take a trip through my mind, I think it’s one of a kind/
Everyday I be growing, gotta steady my grind/
Never took a break, but taking care of my time/
Only way is up and I know how to shine/
Happiness is key and I’m feeling just fine/
Appealing to the heavens while I’m Building my shrine/                                             Manifesting energy I feel it in my Spine/
Tell you what I want to do my people lets Vibe/ Continue reading “Vibe 🔥”


As I sit in front of this fire I think about what I desire. Could it be the freedoms of People or my mind from these Liars? The fortune and fame or for my soul to rise higher?

I’m conflicted because maybe I see the road to riches in this business. But cannot resist the temptation to witness the truth before “He” enters.
I have to know.. Because apparently if you’re enlighted then you’re going the wrong way I suppose…So what do I propose? Satisfying the flesh isnt the way to go. But what do I know… To be yourself and to learn as you go. But that’s it..

Be yourself” being myself is considered a bad thing because I’m doing what satisfies me instead of our father. How ironic..

What I desire is peace and love.     Why shall i perish for wanting the best for the world?

Why can’t we have an actual chance to make a positive change for once and still call on your name?.. They say.. “the road to complete control is to rid the world of sadness” ….I’m guessing the only way that happens is through magic… And it’s realler than you could of ever imagine.. be Blessed